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Families travel! What can they find in airport bookstores

to entertain the young ones on a trip?

The Tell Me-Tell Me More Storybook provides:

  • Captivating unusual facts about Amazing Animals A to Z

  • Delightful illustrations to discuss together

  • Creative questions to challenge young minds


The Tell Me-Tell Me More Activity Book provides:

  • Learning activities to keep young minds busy

  • Fun mazes, word searches, drawing, coloring & more

  • Worksheet activities to promote learning


           CLASSROOM SETS for AGES 4-8

Use the Tell Me-Tell Me More Storybook and Activity Book:

  • To teach listening and reading skills

  • To teach creative thinking skills

  • To teach the joy of learning

The captivating content lends itself to expand into other classroom

activities (copying and illustrating sentences, online animal videos,

children-created A to Z books, and much more).


Ideal for wholesalers with large foot traffic throughout the year!

Perfect for parents, grandparents, teachers, and librarians!

Excellent books for birthday and holiday gifts!


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